Connecting Cultures in Indianapolis

By Jessica Kilcoyne, Development Intern This past Friday, I was given the opportunity to spend my day with a very unique and remarkable group of visitors who were participating in the International Visitors Leadership Program in Indianapolis. The IVLP, which is an initiative of the Department of State, bring international guests to the United States so they can attend professional meetings, participate in enriching activities, and ultimately gain insight pertaining to their work abroad. The delegation that I was able to assist with was American Youth: Inspiring Leadership and Civic Participation. The members of this group came from all

Dialogue Over Dinner

By Megan Watson, Marketing, Communications & Stakeholder Relations Intern In the past few weeks, I have had the opportunity to do many unique and challenging things as a result of my internship here at The International Center. One of the things that meant the most to me was hosting a Dinner Hospitality (a volunteer opportunity open to anyone in the community) for international visitors from Namibia, Kuwait, and Singapore. I was excited to learn that I had the opportunity to host these visitors and was even more intrigued upon learning that my mother & I would be hosting visitors

The Ever Globalizing Indianapolis

By Bridget Hays, Strategic Initiatives Intern Last Monday I had the chance to hear the French Consul General, Graham Paul, speak at World Trade Day at the Ritz Charles. Our very own CEO, Diane Thomas, was chosen as an honorary consul for Indiana and was introduced to the group. M. Paul continued on with a speech discussing the strengths of France and why it is and will be a great trading and investment partner for US companies. This entire morning was extremely exciting and interesting to me as an international business student who was fortunate enough to study abroad

Growing from Differences

By Megan Watson Marketing, Communications and Stakeholder Relations Intern  This week, I had the privilege of attending a Community Orientation Program for Expatriates (COPE) session focusing on American banking procedures and social customs. COPE is an 8-week program that meets twice a week and facilitates newly relocated professionals and their families as they settle in Indiana. It was interesting to see this side of the transition process, especially after just returning from a semester in southern Spain. I remember feeling very thrown off by small things that I didn’t realize could operate differently than the way I knew. For

Inspiration from our Experiences

By Shaina Peterson, International Visitors Leadership Program Intern The desire to lead has always come naturally to me, and although I knew that I wanted to work in International Affairs, I was unsure of what I wanted to do with that aspiration; until now. Being a part of The International Center and experiencing other cultures firsthand has truly been a blessing for me. The opportunities that we are provided don’t just make you consider the importance of our work, but it also compels us to look deeper into the meaning of our life, and how we are affecting and

Momentum at the Midway Point

By Rachelle Fullam, Strategic Initiatives Intern As I approach the midway point of my internship at The International Center, I have begun to start reflecting on all the things that I have done here. Since I started interning at The Center I have met so many talented people and gotten the chance to participate in a wide variety of projects. Working in the Strategic Initiatives department has given me the opportunity to learn about all the different programs on a deeper level, while also interacting with the people who help run them. I’ve also had a lot of unique

New Opportunities for Growth Everyday

By Carrington Kujawski, Programs & Services Intern “We travel, initially, to lose ourselves; and we travel, next, to find ourselves. We travel to open our hearts and eyes and learn more about the world than our newspapers will accommodate.” – Pico Iyer  I was warned when I started to travel internationally that it would change everything about me: it would change my habits, my preferences, and my perspective. I was warned that learning about other cultures would become addictive, for the more I looked at the differences outside my comfort zone and background, the more I would learn about

A Myriad of Opportunities for Celebration and Communication

By: Caitlin Selby, Global Competency Intern Earlier this week, on Tuesday, was the globally celebrated holiday, Mardi Gras; which in French means Fat Tuesday. On this day, individuals indulge in feasts and parties before a six-week period of fasting, called Lent. Thursday of this week was none other than the international holiday of love—Valentine’s Day. In many countries around the world it is celebrated much the same as here in the United States, with a big emphasis on gifts of candy, cards, and flowers to friends and significant others. The International Center has been preparing our flag collection for

Naturalizations & New Years

By Megan Watson, Marketing, Communications, and Stakeholder Relations Intern On January 31, I had the honor of presenting an American flag to the eldest of the newly naturalized citizens in Marion County, Indiana. This moment was emotional, in every sense. It was endearing, it was overwhelming and most of all, it was absolutely joyous. This man, after waiting for who knows how long, was finally an American citizen and I got to give him what was now HIS flag. This was a landmark moment in my life and gave me the opportunity to realize just how great this community

Meet The Spring 2013 Interns!

We are thrilled to be assisting at The International Center this spring and wanted to introduce ourselves!