One Pixel at a Time

By Apelles Johnson, Strategic Initiatives Intern To The International Center Team, I’ve been at The International Center for a month now, and while there is still a lot that I would like to discover, there are already some things that I know for certain about the people that power this organization. Each individual has a unique role and expertise that have been funneled through a concrete mission of the center and the leadership that oversees it. To see such a machine in action, and to have been an active part in it, really opened my eyes to what can

New In The Building

By Megan Watson, Marketing and Volunteer Intern This is the first week for the new Spring 2013 interns at The International Center!  We are all excited to be here and ready to experience the personal growth that goes along with investing in new experiences, especially those related to a culturally enriching environment. There are a few excellent events that I’m really excited about visiting here in Central Indiana this week. Until April 28, the Indianapolis Museum of Art is hosting a collection of Kuna Needle Art from the San Blas Islands of Panama. The Kuna are the indigenous people of both Panama and Columbia and represent a distinct

Lost and found

By Titilope Adebambo Adeniyi-Oshin, Global Competency Training Intern It’s been almost four months since I began my internship at the International Center. Over the course of my internship I have had the opportunity to experience many cultures, meet great people. As a Global Competency Training Intern, I had the opportunity to attend the COPE (Community Orientation Program for Expatriates). This consisted of 8 sessions. I even had the opportunity to be a translator to a French speaker throughout these sessions.   These specific groups consisted of ladies from Japan, Puerto Rico, India, Poland, France and the UK. This program