International Research & Business Program Management Intern

Position Summary

The selected intern works in direct support of Indiana’s Protocol Officer and is involved in all aspects of the Office of Protocol operations and business program management. The selected intern helps complete program and project assignments such as protocol and etiquette training, event management, flag setups, nation research, and statewide logistical arrangements for visiting dignitaries.


  • Curates The International Center’s United Nations flag collection
  • Assists in planning, developing and implementing protocol activities for clients
  • Assists in planning, developing and implementing meetings, events, and activities
  • Researches protocol and etiquette for various countries and produces briefing books, tip sheets, and presentations

Desired Learning Outcomes:

  • Understanding of international flag protocol and proper flag display, citizen diplomacy programs, local volunteer organizations and exchange programs
  • Ability to learn to manage inventory, gain organizational skills, best business practices when working across nations, research various sources, (international and domestic) to develop concise information that is easily received by clients

Intern applications and cover letters may be submitted via email to Please be sure to include your preferred internship program date range and top 3-4 roles of interest in your cover letter.